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    Some 2 million police officers are currently working in the European Union. Whether they are members of federal, national, local or regional police forces, gendarmeries, customs or financial services, etc…, the vast majority of these police officers have no contact with their European colleagues.

    Only a few specialists exchange information and can, in some cases, participate effectively in European security projects.

    However, the pace of technological innovation and European legislative advances, the implementation of police cooperation agreements and bodies, is accelerating year by year, announcing fundamental changes for future police and customs training and working conditions. Not forgetting the European Security Research Programme (ESRP), which aims to close the EU’s technological gap and better coordinate efforts to guarantee the security of European citizens.

    Hence the importance for police officers to be able to systematically monitor this progress and to consult each other on the basis of their own experience, in short, to exchange as much useful information as possible. This is precisely the objective pursued by EPA through the common European platform that constitutes this site and our magazine “EPA MAG.

    You will find our news; an overview of our events (activities); every month, an article from our EPA Mag magazine; our shop and all useful information about our association.

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